F-35C Lightning II rolled out

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F-35 Lightning II
Size Comparison
Size Comparison


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  1. I would like to know the list of aircraft it will be replacing i can think of some like the F-14 tomcat F-18 honet the A-10 worthog the Av-8 harrier USMC and more does anyone know more about the list. I would also like to say i will miss the Harrier because as a young Marine back in the 80’s stationed out at El Toro California I work on a few in my day a oily bicth of a plane but she was great to wacth in live fire ground attacks and seeing her land to this still makes me wonder how the hell can we build such cool ass planes. Also I you must thank the English people for such a cool jet. Does any one remember the show the Saint thats when i first saw the Harrier now you know my age guys.

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