IAF aircraft crashes in Andhra, two pilots killed

IAF Trainer HPT-32

IAF Trainer HPT-32

NEW DELHI: An Indian military trainer plane ‘ HPT-32 training aircraft‘ crashed in southern India on Friday, killing its two pilots, a report said.


 There are several therories about its crash site. Mian two are

  1. The propeller-driven Indian-built aircraft went down in a village in the Medak district of Andhra Pradesh state, the Press Trust of India quoted police as saying.
  2. “The trainee plane took off from the Dundigal academy at 9am and as per preliminary reports it crashed while landing at the academy at about 9.45am,” Medak district superintendent of police M Kanta Rao said over phone.

There were no casualties on the ground where as two instructors Ritin Jain and Chaturvedi were killed on the spot, the police officer said adding “the exact cause of the crash was not known yet.” 

IAF Trainer HPT-32

IAF Trainer HPT-32

Air force officials were not immediately available to comment on the cause of the crash.
The accident came two months after a Russian-made MiG-27 fighter crashed in flames in western India, injuring seven people on the ground.
In April, a top-of-the-line Sukhoi-30 jet, also acquired from Russia, crashed, prompting the air force to ground its fleet of the nuclear-capable warjets a month later while it probed the cause of the crash.

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