India Gets 1st Batch of Indigenous Cheetal Helos

Indian Home made Cheetal Helo

Indian Home made Cheetal Helo

NEW DELHI – The Indian Air Force has received four of the 10 homemade Cheetal helicopters it has ordered, with the remaining six to be delivered in two to three months, said an executive with state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), developer of the helicopter.

The Cheetal is an upgraded version of the Cheetah helicopter, which has been replaced with a Turbemaca engine and is lighter.

In 2004, Cheetal made history when it made the world’s highest landing at an altitude of 25,150 feet in the Eastern Ladakh region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The HAL executive said the reduced weight of the new engine and improved fuel consumption has resulted in increased range, endurance and payload. The Cheetal can be used for multiple roles including search-and-rescue and high-altitude missions.

The Cheetal has been designed to incorporate upgraded features such as lightweight modern technology cockpit instruments, such as an electrically driven, artificial horizon directional gyro, and lightweight modern avionics, claimed the HAL executive.

Cheetah Helo

Cheetah Helo

The Indian Air Force has been relying on its aging fleet of Cheetah and Chetak helicopters to bring supplies to higher altitude battlefields. The Air Force wants to replace its approximately 200 Chetak and Cheetah helicopters with new helicopters. Global bids have already been floated for purchasing multiutility helicopters to replace the Cheetahs and Chetaks.

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