Why We Will Never Win In Afghanistan

talibanA sobering and highly convincing explanation (via Fallows) of why Obama is betting big on a hopeless cause. Not as hopeless as Iraq, I’d say, which is slowly unraveling on schedule, even with 130,000 US troops still sitting there. But pretty hopeless nonetheless. Continue reading


Mistake OR a Bitter Truth:US Senator mistakenly calls India a security threat

WASHINGTON: Just how bad is the economic pain and job loss in the United States? Bad enough for an Indophile Senator to get New Delhi and Beijing

mixed up in his mind.

A key US Senator who has extensively supported India, including the passage of the nuclear deal, stunned his Indian and Indian-American supporters this weekend when he identified India as a US national security threat and clubbed it with North Korea and Iran, while arguing for continuing the F-22 fighter jet programme, which would keep up to 100,000 jobs going in the US. Continue reading

Indian book claims Musharraf involved in Mumbai attacks

NEW DELHI: A book by two Delhi-based journalists claims that Pakistan’s general_musharrafformer president Pervez Musharraf was involved in planning the Mumbai attacks. Continue reading

A U.S. Report: India, Not Pakistan, Creating Trouble For NATO In Afghanistan (More recent Theory)

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The U.S. conduct of the war inr251399_1033828 Afghanistan has created an enormous potential for instability in Pakistan, which Washington has claimed is a major ‘non-NATO ally’ on which it depends. 

U.S. and Western media reporting currently portrays the problems facing ISAF as coming into Afghanistan from Pakistan, but the reality is the reverse of this: stirring the problem in Afghanistan causes problems to flow into Pakistan. Continue reading

The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military (Theory in Pakistan)

This is not about Musharraf anymore. 412This is about clipping the wings of a strong Pakistani military, denying space for China in Pakistan, squashing the ISI, stirring ethnic unrest, and neutralizing Pakistan’s nuclear program. The first shot in this plan was fired in Pakistan’s Balochistan province in 2004. The last bullet will be toppling Musharraf, sidelining the military and installing a pliant government in Islamabad. Musharraf shares the blame for letting things come this far. But he is also punching holes in Washington’s game plan. He needs to be supported.

  Continue reading