Pakistani militants form groups to free there captured Commanders: Agencies

pakistan-south-waziristan-taliban-fightersPakistani militants have formed two groups to free their comrades from various prisons in the country, a media report said.

The two groups named Lashkar Omar and Lashkar Abu Jandal will devise strategies to free their associates who were captured during the military operation in northwest Pakistan, the Online news agency reported Friday. There are also suicide bombers in the groups. Continue reading


Indian book claims Musharraf involved in Mumbai attacks

NEW DELHI: A book by two Delhi-based journalists claims that Pakistan’s general_musharrafformer president Pervez Musharraf was involved in planning the Mumbai attacks. Continue reading

ISI chief wants to meet Indian couterpart, Indian govt cautious

ISI chief Shuja Pasha has requested a meeting with his Indian counterpart. India is yet to respond to the request and sources said the government was assessing the request carefully.


ISI_CLEAN_LOGOThe ISI chief had recently met Indian defence attaches in the high commission in Islamabad and this request was formally made to them. The request came along with a briefing on terrorism related aspects. This happened around the time that PM Manmohan Singh travelled to Italy for the G-8 summit.

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