Indian book claims Musharraf involved in Mumbai attacks

NEW DELHI: A book by two Delhi-based journalists claims that Pakistan’s general_musharrafformer president Pervez Musharraf was involved in planning the Mumbai attacks. Continue reading


Arrested Militants: RAW, Afghan Agency Funding Pakistan Terrorism

Pakistani investigators have made a major breakthrough and PAKISTAN-SRILANKA/ARRESTuncovered several leads that link terrorists and criminals inside Pakistan to the Indian intelligence and the secret service of Hamid Karzai. An Indian explosives expert is leading groups of terrorists inside Pakistan. The recruited suicide bombers have been brainwashed to believe they are on a religious duty. Others are plain criminals. The new information confirms the suspicions that the so-called ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan‘ is heavily infiltrated by foreign spy agencies in Afghanistan and has little to do with the Afghan Taliban.
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The Plan To Topple Pakistan Military (Theory in Pakistan)

This is not about Musharraf anymore. 412This is about clipping the wings of a strong Pakistani military, denying space for China in Pakistan, squashing the ISI, stirring ethnic unrest, and neutralizing Pakistan’s nuclear program. The first shot in this plan was fired in Pakistan’s Balochistan province in 2004. The last bullet will be toppling Musharraf, sidelining the military and installing a pliant government in Islamabad. Musharraf shares the blame for letting things come this far. But he is also punching holes in Washington’s game plan. He needs to be supported.

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