Pakistan celebrates 1965 war win over India

History in Words:

Pakistan Defence Round-up(in Urdu):


Maulvi Omar captured, says Baitullah is dead

Maulvi Omar Captured

Maulvi Omar Captured

ISLAMABAD: Security forces captured Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’s top spokesman, and he acknowledged the death of the group’s leader in a recent US missile strike, officials said on Tuesday.

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1300 extremists killed in 3 months in WoT in Swat Pakistan

SwatSWAT: At least 1300 extremists have been killed during the last three months in Operation Rah-e-Raast; while, 75 security personnel were martyred.

Swat Media Center Incharge Col. Akhtar said the passport office will start functioning within two days.
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200 Suicide Bombers Rescued

suicide bmber rescuedPESHAWAR: Security forces have succeeded in recovering 200 children who were being trained for carrying out suicide bombing from Swat.

The children’s age ranges between 6 to 13 years.
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US Senate approves defence funds for Pakistan

WASHINGTON: The US Senate has approved a measure which 550px-Tail_wings_of_Pakistani_army's_Puma_330smay lead to the clearance of $1.3 billion of outstanding defence bills for Pakistan and will also enable Islamabad to received additional $700 million from the counter-insurgency fund. Continue reading

Pakistan stretched thin for Mehsud battle

ISLAMABAD: Consolidating military gains in Swat buner-troops--afp608and worries about Taliban spillover from south Afghanistan are clouding Pakistan’s offensive against the country’s most wanted warlord, analysts say.

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ISI chief wants to meet Indian couterpart, Indian govt cautious

ISI chief Shuja Pasha has requested a meeting with his Indian counterpart. India is yet to respond to the request and sources said the government was assessing the request carefully.


ISI_CLEAN_LOGOThe ISI chief had recently met Indian defence attaches in the high commission in Islamabad and this request was formally made to them. The request came along with a briefing on terrorism related aspects. This happened around the time that PM Manmohan Singh travelled to Italy for the G-8 summit.

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