Afghanistan helicopters may get extra armour — after they arrive

Merlin helicopters

Merlin helicopters

Eight Merlin helicopters being prepared for Afghanistan will be required to fly troops into combat zones even though it is yet to be decided whether to fit armour-plating for extra protection.

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India: Bell To Withdraw From Attack Helo Trials

bell-helicopterNEW DELHI – Bell Helicopter will withdraw from India’s competition to purchase 22 attack helicopters for the Air Force. Sources close to the company here said Bell will not be able to spare the helicopter for trials as it is still in the evaluation stage. Continue reading

India Gets 1st Batch of Indigenous Cheetal Helos

Indian Home made Cheetal Helo

Indian Home made Cheetal Helo

NEW DELHI – The Indian Air Force has received four of the 10 homemade Cheetal helicopters it has ordered, with the remaining six to be delivered in two to three months, said an executive with state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL), developer of the helicopter. Continue reading

France says no Tigers for Pak !!!

France agreed last month to provide Pakistan Tigre attack Helicopters but today French foreign minister said Pakistan is in ungent need of Helis for the ongoing war against terror and these choppers cannot be delivered as the French millitary itself has to wait for atleast 6 months to recieve its fresh batch of  Tiger gunships . So intead of Tigers France is willing to sell Eurocopter Fennec light multi purpose helis to Pakistan. akistan already has around 20 Fennec in service. Pakistan Army currently has 50-60 tranport helicopters of russian, us and French origin and almost 30 Cobra attack Helis.