Arrested Militants: RAW, Afghan Agency Funding Pakistan Terrorism

Pakistani investigators have made a major breakthrough and PAKISTAN-SRILANKA/ARRESTuncovered several leads that link terrorists and criminals inside Pakistan to the Indian intelligence and the secret service of Hamid Karzai. An Indian explosives expert is leading groups of terrorists inside Pakistan. The recruited suicide bombers have been brainwashed to believe they are on a religious duty. Others are plain criminals. The new information confirms the suspicions that the so-called ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan‘ is heavily infiltrated by foreign spy agencies in Afghanistan and has little to do with the Afghan Taliban.
LAHORE, Pakistan—Three arrested members of a militant gang especially deputed by the so-called ‘Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan’ have disclosed that RAW has been funding suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan and that the Indian agency has funneled PKR 680 million through its contacts in the NDS, the Afghan secret agency.
The gang of three persons has brazenly admitted that they belong to a group of persons who had been deputed to ‘destabilize democratic Pakistan

‘ in order to create a confrontation with the Pakistani military. They were told to carry out their activities under the pretext of ‘enforcement of Shariah‘ in the country.
Operators of the Federal Investigations Agency [FIA], a Pakistani baitullah_mehsudintelligence agency, working beyond the call of their duty, came into contact with a source ready for a tip-off against a reward. The tip-off led to the arrest of Khurram Ishtiaq, Ghulam Mustafa and Shamim. The persons had been working under Qari Hussain, second-in-command to Baitullah Mehsud.


All of the three had been arrested on Aug. 13, 2008, while they were on the prowl for a target. The militants had been arrested ‘red-handed’ as they possessed complete suicide kits, including two jackets and 70 kilogram of explosives and detonators.Farukh Usman works as Qari’s deputy and runs the sub-setup to carry out attacks in Lahore and Punjab in general. He was the mastermind of suicide attacks on the FIA building, Naval War College, Model Town, Lahore High Court and PAF bus in SargodhaThe investigation revealed that there are two sub-teams: three persons of one team work under Ustad. Two of the arrested persons—Shahmim Alam alias Sohail alias Kashif alias Uncle and Khurram Ishtiaq alias Ibrahim—have been active members of the TTP

and worked under direct guidance of Ustad.
Shamim was the facilitator. His task was to distribute funds to suicide bombers at the behest of Qari Hussain and Tayyab alias Baba. Being educated and a well-dressed civilian-look- alike, he was assigned another important job of providing ‘reconnaissance of the target area’.

He possesses the canny ability of mixing up with urbanites. Khurram Ishtiaq alias Ibrahim is a well-trained militant. His job is to harbor suicide bombers at a secret venue until they are led to the area of operation to carry out the job. The third person of this setup, Sajid, is a resident of Ali Khel, Waziristan

. It is not certain whether his services were ‘utilized’ and in what way this was done.
Another team which works under Farrukh Usman alias Shahjee includes Bablu, Rehan, Ghulam Mustafa alias Asif (the third arrested person) and Abdul Rahim. Bablu’s assignment is to provide explosives at the nick of time when the suicide bombers have been finally prepared to perform the ‘sacred feat’.

Ghulam Mustafa and Abdul Rahim, both diehard terrorists, serve as guards in the rear ensure that none of perpetrators develop cold feet at the last minute and try to escape.  In that case, there is only one choice left and that too leads the would-be perpetrator to heavens.

Former boss of the FIA, Tariq Lodhi, had recommended a reward and untitle  dcommendation for the team that arrested these terrorists. But sources say the FIA

new chief, Shoaib Suddle, turned it down on the grounds that agency operators just did their job and no reward should be given for performing a duty.
The team members disclosed that they had arrested two prime targets during the government of former President Pervez Musharraf and both had a head money of $5 million each but the reward money was shared by two other premier spy agencies instead of passing some of the reward money to the individuals who had arrested them on their own initiative.

The team has long been working on the militants but they got the culprits apprehended through a middleman who was ready to divulge more but “only if he was rewarded for the catch.”



Afghan Money Helping Terrorists, Zardari
Tells Boucher
On Oct. 19, President Asif Ali Zardari met U.S. assistant undersecretary of state Richard Boucher and told him that terrorists in the tribal areas of Pakistan are being funded from Afghanistan and other countries.   Zardari told Richard Boucher that the money provided by Afghan drug traffickers was being used in terror related incidents in Pakistan.
Drug smuggling through Pakistan had been eliminated, he said, adding these smugglers were now funding terrorists for activities in the country. “The responsibility now lies with the U.S. to take notice and initiate action against these smugglers so that terrorist networks in Pakistan can be dismantled,” he stressed.  Pakistan has suffered more than any other country in the war on terror in terms of loss of lives and property, he noted. All the resources are being utilised to crush terrorists, he said.
He urged the U.S. to take steps to end terrorists’ infiltration from the Afghan side to the Pakistan tribal areas.
It is not clear how Mr. Boucher responded to the charge that terrorism inside Pakistan is being supported from a U.S.-occupied Afghanistan.
, investigations have revealed.
Tayyab alias Baba mainly deals with Rawalpindi/Islamaba d. He was the man behind blasts at Aabpara Market and Marriott Hotel.  The third person known only as Ustad is an expert at making bombs. He is said to be of Indian origin and he ‘works with a vengeance’. He is the man who leads suicide bombers to the marked site of the blast.

The accused were hardened militants and took a lot of time to break and make confessions. They revealed that Qari Hussain had been working to help three adjutants—Farukh Usman alias Shahjee, Tayyab alias Baba; Ustad, the trainer to destabilize the elected government.

Qari Hussain, the leader, prepares suicide bombers and dispatches them throughout Pakistan

. He also manages funds for the splinter groups from RAW which works in collusion with the Afghan intelligence agency NDS.

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